Our antenatal consultations & workshops are designed to fully prepare you for breastfeeding and leave you feeling confident about your upcoming breastfeeding journey. 

Our aim is to ensure you and your partner know practical techniques on how to breastfeed your baby, and understand what's normal and what's not, so you can identify and remedy any difficulties as soon as they arise. 


"I met Alissa at an expectant parent event and I immediately felt comforted by her friendly and professional manner. If I hadn’t had met her I would probably not have thought to learn about breastfeeding prior to my baby’s arrival. I am so, so glad I did and we throughly enjoyed the workshop.  I feel as prepared as I can be for breastfeeding and excited for when the moment comes."


Our antenatal consultations can be book on their own, or as part of a breastfeeding support package 

Consultations include:


- how to ensure your baby latches well so feeding is comfortable and effective

- how to hold/position your baby 

- how your milk supply works, and how to build a good supply from the beginning

- expressing colostrum antenatally to avoid the need/pressure to top up with formula soon after birth

- how to assess your baby's feeding to know if they're getting enough (beyond just looking at the number on the scales)

- what to expect from your newborn's feeding/sleeping patterns


The sessions are held 1-2-1 at home as this allows me to discuss your pregnancy and planned birth in detail and address any feeding concerns with are specific to YOU and your baby. Partners are also encouraged to be actively involved. 


If you are truly determined to breastfeed we also offer support packages to guarantee you have continuity through your pregnancy and early postpartum period and give you expert support to turn to at any time. These packages include an antenatal education session as well as phone and in person consultations in the first few months after birth. 

Private workshops at home are available across Suffolk & North Essex (up to approx 1 hour from Ipswich).
Consultation fees include travel expenses within 15 miles of my home in Ipswich, Suffolk. Any visits outside this radius will incur an extra charge of 40p per mile. Travel is limited to approx 1 hour. 

Workshops & packages are payable at the time of booking. Refunds will only be considered in cases of medical emergency or extenuating circumstances and will be given at the discretion of Suffolk Breastfeeding. 


Payment/affordability plans can be arranged on an individual basis. 
Please contact me to discuss this.

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Gentle Sleep Coach

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