Antenatal Breastfeeding Workshops
& Support Packages

Many parents wonder "What could I possibly do to support breastfeeding before my baby has even arrived?" 
The answer is - a lot! 

In all my years working with breastfeeding mums and new parents I come across some of the same issues time and time again.  Quite often they've resulted from poor latch and incorrect advice in the first few days of breastfeeding- long before they'd thought about contacting a lactation consultant or seeking support beyond midwives/health visitors. In fact many of these issues could have been avoided, if they'd known how to build their milk supply and get their baby latching well from that first feed! 

This is where antenatal consultations come in - by dedicating some time in the last few months of pregnancy we can teach you practical techniques for:
- ensuring your baby latches well so feeding is comfortable and effective
- how to hold/position your baby 
- how your milk supply works, and how to build a good supply from the beginning
- expressing colostrum antenatally to avoid the need/pressure to top up with formula soon after birth
- how to assess your baby's feeding to know if they're getting enough (beyond just looking at the number on the scales)
- what to expect from your newborn's feeding/sleeping patterns

The sessions are held 1-2-1 at home as this allows me to discuss your pregnancy and planned birth in detail and address any feeding concerns with are specific to YOU and your baby. Partners are also encouraged to be actively involved. 


If you are truly determined to breastfeed we also offer support packages to guarantee you have continuity through your pregnancy and early postpartum period and give you expert support to turn to at any time. These packages include an antenatal education session as well as phone and in person consultations in the first few months after birth. See the links below for more details & prices or get in touch to discuss your individual requirements.


"You wouldn't wait to learn how to drive until you were on the slip road for the motorway -

so why wait to learn about breastfeeding until your baby arrives?"

Antenatal consultations and care packages can be booked online (follow the button below) or
please get in touch via phone or email to discuss your individual requirements. 

1-2-1 Antenatal Education Sessions

A two hour private workshop in the comfort of your own home to prepare you and your partner
for breastfeeding and life with a newborn. 

Essential Breastfeeding Support Package

An antenatal education session in the last few months of pregnancy plus a postnatal

breastfeeding support visit in the first week after birth. 
Phone call/email follow up for two weeks following your visit

Blissful Breastfeeding Support Package

For mums who are determined to breastfeed and wish to make the experience as smooth as possible!
An antenatal education session in the last few months of pregnancy
A phone call in the first 48 hours after birth to discuss your first few breastfeeds and any difficulties which have arisen
A home visit in the first week after birth, to put into place techniques learnt antenatally and consolidate breastfeeding
A second home visit within the first month post birth to establish milk supply, deal with any issues which have arisen and give you a personalised plan for breastfeeding over the next few months. 

Phone and email support throughout the first month

How to get started?

Travel & Payment

Private workshops at home are available across Suffolk & North Essex (up to approx 1 hour from Ipswich).
Consultation fees include travel expenses within 15 miles of my home in Ipswich, Suffolk. Any visits outside this radius will incur an extra charge of 40p per mile. Travel is limited to approx 1 hour. 

Workshops & packages are payable at the time of booking. Refunds will only be considered in cases of medical emergency or extenuating circumstances and will be given at the discretion of Suffolk Breastfeeding. 


Payment/affordability plans can be arranged on an individual basis. 
Please contact me to discuss this.

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BSc (Midwifery), IBCLC, CIMI

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