"Without Alissa, I wouldn’t be where I am today, 5 months into solely breastfeeding and loving it!

I cannot even begin to express how much I appreciate everything she did for our family. The precious moments and the bond my daughter and I have is the best thing in the world! Persevering through the tough times and having Alissa to turn to was the most valuable support ever."


Private in-home support from an experienced midwife and lactation consultant. 

Struggling with breastfeeding? Is your baby slow to gain weight? Is feeding painful and you feel you've just not been given the time and support you need?

Regardless of what your current challenges are, if you're looking for kind and understanding support for breastfeeding you've come to the right place. I have almost 10 years experience working with mums and babies as a midwife and lactation consultant. Lactation Consultants are the highest level of specialist breastfeeding support available and hold an internationally recognised qualification. 

I am available for home consultations in Suffolk and North Essex, Monday to Thursday.
Appointments may be available outside of these times by prior arrangement. Please contact me to discuss your requirements or make an appointment via the 'Book Online' page.

For more information on what I can offer you please have a look at the breastfeeding support or baby massage pages, or get in touch for a free chat via phone/email prior to your appointment.


Look forward to meeting you and your little ones! 

What Can a Lactation Consultant Assist With?

I can assist with a number of breastfeeding challenges including:

- establishing and maintaining a good milk supply

- positioning and attachment

- sore/damaged/cracked nipples

- pain during feeding

- low weight gain

- management of engorgement/mastitis/blocked ducts

- sleeping/settling routines and techniques

- weaning

- swaddling & baby wearing

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Alissa Pemberton
BSc (Midwifery), IBCLC, CIMI

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