Regardless of what your current challenges are, if you're looking for kind and understanding support with breastfeeding and sleep  you've come to the right place. I have almost 10 years experience working with mums and babies as a midwife and lactation consultant and progressed to training as a Gentle Sleep Coach. Lactation Consultants are the highest level of specialist breastfeeding support available and hold an internationally recognised qualification. 

For more information on what I can offer you please have a look at the breastfeeding support or gentle sleep coaching pages, or get in touch for a free chat via phone/email prior to your appointment.


Look forward to meeting you and your little ones! 

Private in-home support from an experienced midwife,
lactation consultant & gentle sleep coach

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Alissa Pemberton
BSc (Midwifery), IBCLC, CIMI, 
Gentle Sleep Coach

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